7 Ottobre 2019

Back to the Future

Ellamp Spa, a specialist in the production of interiors for buses and trains for over 30 years, from Bodio Lomnago, Varese, Italy, changed ownership in a management acquisition involving the CEO, Ing. Massimo Ottino and his partners, which includes the original founder (1987) and the President, Franco Oblatore. The two represent the Governance.

The company plans to develop its technologies in the areas of electronic, plastic and lighting products, also thanks to the participation on the corporate board of national and international partners operating in these sectors.

It will also continue with the global production footprint of five factories in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Turkey and China and expand sales to new territories. A new branch was established in the United States of America and another new branch is scheduled to open in the UK by the end of 2019.

The new focus is not only on territorial expansion, but also on investments in sustainability and digitalization: modular and light products, with particular attention to the needs of the entire mobility chain that will transform the current business model.

From a strategic point of view the new model foresees partnerships already active with important industrial realities in the railway and aeronautical sector.

The Company Management