18 Febbraio 2020

Ellamp launch new Indoor air cleaning Photocatalyst module

Photocatalyst module is for reduction of bacteria, viruses, bad smells and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

One of the most important topic globally speaking is the microbiological safety. Globalization is today one of the main causes of the spread of diseases and in the worst cases of human casualties. The means of Transportation vehicles are most frequented environments by people where it’s needed to reduce the microbiological risk and preserving the indoor air quality.

For this reason, Ellamp has Developed and Patented an air sanitizing system integrated into air recirculation and air conditioning supply devices. The air disinfection process takes place by photocatalyst effect based on visible light effect. The system works with air passing through a laminated plastic grid which acts as a mechanical support to the catalyst coat and chemical reaction ignite by traditional white colored LED strip.

By working in the visible light spectrum any light source shield is needed and system can operate continuously even in the presence of passengers. Catalyst is a base of tungsten trioxide coat (does not combine with pathogenic elements producing other dangerous substance) that releases electrons when hit by visible light; these electrons combine with the hydrogen molecules generating hydroxyls.

Hydroxyl groups (or radicals) have a high capacity to attack at the molecular level the surrounding pathogen elements contained in the air. The products as results of this process are just water vapor, carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate, all of them non-hazardous to human health.

Radicals effectiveness is proven against bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, odors and volatile organic compounds. Furthermore, system can boast several advantages as:

– Long life coating, catalyst does not wear out and loses its effectiveness, in a few words it does not get deteriorated and electrons released to the formation of radicals are regenerated thanks to the air contact

– Affordable solution, just using visible light with simple LED strip as lighting source

– Modular system, thanks to standard sized catalyst unit scalable and attachable to other similar, according to specific project air recirculation and air conditioning layout (both on new projects and exhisting buses)