From the initial concept to the final product, the interior design team proposes solutions that are fully tailored to the customers’ needs in terms of style and functionality.
Our team is based in Italy, has design responsibility for Group’s global offices, and starts each project with a conceptual and stylistic study. The first sketches, whether drawn on paper or designed directly on the computer, are gradually refined to create the virtual three-dimensional model. In tandem, we also analyze the most appropriate technological solutions and materials mix. Once we’ve finalized and validated the project, we begin the engineering phase.
Ellamp is also able to deliver quick and flexible standard solutions, which can be easily adapted to virtually any vehicle, and allow our customers to reduce their costs without sacrificing quality or performance.


Our highly experienced engineering team is centralized in Italy with responsibility for each of the Group’s worldwide locations. Using state of the art technologies that allow us to react with extreme flexibility during the entire execution process, our engineers work closely with our customers to prevent and solve any adaptation issues related to the target vehicle.
After the first tests on the virtual model, the team completes its structural analysis and mathematical calculations to certify that the system and the singe pieces are ready to move to the manufacturing phase.


From systems to trims to individual components, every Ellamp product that leaves our manufacturing plants is completely ready to be installed in the bus or train for which it was designed.
Not only can you trust Ellamp to deliver the perfect response to the initial project specifications, you can count on our timely and rigorous validation testing. So no matter where your project is located, Ellamp quality is guaranteed.


Our comprehensive test and validation process covers the most important product parameters from the resistance testing of structural elements at operating temperatures to vibrations testing on electrical systems and lighting, all the way to electromagnetic compatibility. Our commitment to testing is a crucial step in the process and ensures the high manufacturing standards Ellamp is known for. Since 1987.

  • Strength test (structural elements)
  • Adhesion tests (upholstering)
  • Temperature tests
  • Electrical tests
  • Lighting tests (darkroom simulation)
  • Long run tests (lighting)
  • Fatigue test (mechanical parts)
  • Vibration and shock analysis
  • EMC
  • ESD


With more than 100 customers worldwide, Ellamp has chosen to adopt the most efficient logistics models at the international level to best meet the needs of our customers. We can ship CBU (completely assembled systems) as well as SKD (partial assembly) and CKD (not assembled systems).
Ellamp also assists customers as needed during the prototyping phases or before series production.