Ellamp works closely with its customers from the earliest stages of the project, positioning itself as a strategic partner able to deliver the right solution for the project’s specific needs.
Our integrated structure, decades of experience with the most important brands of trains and buses in the world, and highly qualified design and engineering teams, allow us to provide extraordinary flexibility and the ability to intervene in each phase of the project.
In addition, we are structured to deliver this same level of service as a direct supplier or as a subcontractor. This means that we are able to perfectly calibrate our design solutions to the target vehicle, while anticipating any potential adaptation or functionality problems and ensuring faster deployment and a reduced time to market.



    From the initial concept to the final design, the interior design team specializes in proposing highly effective solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs in terms of style and functionality.

    After completing the stylistic research, the engineering phase begins, led by an experienced internal development team that uses state of the art technologies.

    From comprehensive interior systems to individual components, every product that leaves our factories is perfectly ready to equip buses and trains all over the world.
  • TEST

    Product validation includes numerous parameters to ensure the quality of Ellamp products – from the strength of structural elements at operating temperatures, to vibrations testing to electrical systems and lighting.

    Ellamp adopts the most efficient logistics models to best meet the needs of our clients, including CBU (completely assembled systems), SKD (partial assembly) and even CKD (disassembled systems).