Our quality is backed by by thirty years of collaborating with some of the world’s biggest transportation groups – from Scania to Man, from Iveco to Mercedes-Benz, and from Volvo to Bombardier – both as a supplier of complete interior systems and trims, and as a producer of individual components.
Ellamp, in addition to having achieved the most important industry standards, guarantees its high quality standards are in full compliance with relevant national and international regulations.


Ellamp fully meets the product standards required by today’s international regulations:

  • EN 10204
EN ISO/IEC 17050-1-2
  • R 118
  • DIN 5510-2
  • UNI11170
  • EN 50155
  • EN 13272
  • CE 2004/104
  • ECE R10
  • ECE R107
  • IEC 571
  • UIC555
  • CEN 45545
  • Regolamento REACH
Direttiva RoHS
  • Reach compliant IMDS compliant

Ellamp is also able to satisfy other specific product standards in accordance with the requirements expressed by its customers.


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